WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1 released

A new version of WebKit’s GTK+ port is here, as also announced by Xan! Before I start listing the new features and fixes, let me give you a download link =).

For this version we have changed the binary interface slightly, which requires a soversion bump, so rebuilding applications is in order. The API is still stable, though.

Another major change worthy of note is that we have made libsoup the only HTTP backend available for WebKitGTK+, removing the CURL related code from our port (the CURL backend remains in the tree, though, as it is used by other ports). This should simplify implementation and allows us to expose Soup objects in the API, reducing the amount of wrapping code that is necessary. We are already exposing the SoupSession we use internally, providing yet more power and flexibility to applications using our API.

In this release we finally get to see the official debut of the Web Inspector in the GTK+ port. Can’t wait to see releases of our dear browsers featuring the inspector =). Numerous improvements to hading policy decisions regarding navigations and window creation requests to the application have also come with this release.

We worked hard on finding and fixing crashes for this release, but also numerous fixes for those pet peeves that bother us just a bit, but enough to add up got landed. There are more of those to kill, but things look promising. We are hoping to release again in two weeks, so expect more fixes soon.

So, that’s it. Grab the new version, test it, report bugs, and enjoy!

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  1. Oh… I found the launcher… I was just looking for it in the wrong place! But I’m having issues with it: undefined symbol: soup_cookie_jat_get_type. My Ubuntu repository (8.04) didn’t meet the requirements, so I installed libsoup com svn. Any hint before move all my system to 8.10? 🙂

  2. @Marco Barisione: thanks! You guys brought us very far, and it’s been fun building on all the good code that has already been developed!

    @Racum: I hope it’s jar there instead of jat =D; where have you installed libsoup’s svn? How are you running make?

  3. @Racum: I’m using 8.04 as well and got it working by apt-get installing libsoup2.2-8. Now that it’s running though I don’t see an “Inspect Element” option on the right click menu (which I had using the previous patch). Any idea how I launch the Web Inspector?

  4. Yes… jar… sorry! it was a typo!

    But nevermind! I realize that I system already had an up-to-date libsoup-dev and an old libsoup. I’m not still not very familiar with *-dev packages from Ubuntu, somehow I’m still with BSD Ports in mind…

    The reason for the 8.04 instead of 8.10 is because Ubuntu Netbook Remix is behind the main distribution.

    Well… GtkLauncher is working! how can I enable the Web Inspector now?

  5. @sharksfan: libsoup2.2-8 doesn’t cut it, you really need the newer version (2.4 >= 2.25.91); are you sure you have a current webkit?

    @Racum: in GtkLauncher, by adding code only =) you can check the code needed in the web inspector bug in WebKit’s bugzilla, but if I were you I would just install the newest version available of Midori or Epiphany to get that feature working

  6. @kov: yes, definitely latest webkit. I built and installed libsoup 2.25.91 in order to get it to build, but then got a missing dependency when trying to run it even though I had the newer libsoup packages installed. Couldn’t get it to run until I installed the old 2.2-8 then it fired right up.

    I’ve been trying to figure out building Epiphany but am striking out so far, would appreciate a tip if you have them at hand. I found this page:


    Trouble is I haven’t been able to find the right place to get the Epiphany code from, do you have a quick link?

    Thanks very much for all your work on this project!!!!

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