WebKitGTK+ 1.1.4 released!

So, we have been able to keep up with releasing every two weeks. I can’t say I emptied my wishlist for this release, but we did get a good load of good new features, and bug fixes. Go get it, and come back to read about what’s new.

Those of you who hate when you middle-click a link and it opens in another window will be glad to know that this version clears the only lasting missing piece of API required to allowing the browser to concede your wish. If you get irritated with weird scrolling behavior when using the keyboard, this release also fixes most of the remaining pet peeves, with a proper GtkBinding implementation for our WebView, done by Xan.

Font rendering has also received some much needed love, and we have chased and killed most of the problems with WebKitGTK+ wanting to download stuff instead of displaying them because of bad headers provided by the server. There is still work to be done in this area, but most of it will probably go into libsoup, instead.

You may have heard about HTML5 media tags support. Well, we have sharpened some of the rough edges of the code that already existed, making it able to play some basic ogg examples, such as the ones used by the Mozilla guys for testing.

Now on to make 1.1.5 rock even more!

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