Epiphany/WebKitGTK+ in Debian unstable

I have prepared an epiphany-webkit source package some time ago, and it has finally got out of NEW, thanks to the work Ganeff did this weekend on processing the queue =).

The good thing about those packages is I have patched them heavily to allow for easy parallel installation with Epiphany/Gecko, so you don’t need to give up your current browser to experiment and test Epiphany with the WebKitGTK+ backend. The gconf tree used for this package is /apps/epiphany-webkit, separate from the normal /apps/epiphany, for extra safety, but notice that your ~/.gnome2/epiphany will be shared between the Gecko and WebKit versions, even though the files used by each of them are different most of the time.

Go ahead and install the epiphany-webkit package, and have fun. Notice that if you have an already running session of Epiphany/Gecko, running epiphany-webkit will not be enough to launch Epiphany/Webkit, since Epiphany will just request that a new window be opened through D-Bus. The easiest way to test, if you just want a quick peek, is to run epiphany-webkit -p; this will run a ‘private’ instance of Epiphany/WebKit, which doesn’t touch your history, bookmarks, and passwords.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to make Epiphany/WebKit your default Epiphany you can do so using the following command, and selecting epiphany-webkit:

# update-alternatives --config epiphany-browser

4 thoughts on “Epiphany/WebKitGTK+ in Debian unstable”

  1. Awesome! I just compiled the new mainline x86_64 JIT optimizations with Epiphany Webkit. I’m still using Iceweasel as my primary browser due to saved passwords, but Epiphany is a close second. Thanks for the great work!

  2. Are you able to use http proxy with this configuration ?

    I’ve compiled Epiphany 2.27.1/ WebkitGtk+ on Fedora11
    They use libsoup backend (libsoup is also compiled with libproxy support)
    And I never be able to pass http proxy !

    With an older release of webkit, using libCurl, it was very easy using a simple “http_proxy” variable

    What about your configuration on Debian?

  3. It seems that epiphany-webkit does not respect the configurations of fontconfig when rendering, at least, CJK pages. For example, when I open google’s website in Hong Kong, gecko-based web browsers, namely iceweasel and epiphany-gecko, will user preferred font to display these Chinese characters according to fontconfig’s configurations, and the behavior is consistent with other GTK2 apps. For epiphany-webkit, however, a quite different font (in fact, it is called KaiTi) will be used instead without respecting fontconfig. Is this an upstream bug?

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