Here are some notes about my experience with GCDS:

Spain is a very interesting country. My impression regarding Las Palmas matches that of Lucas, by the way, that it looks very similar to Salvador, although it’s more windy, and also very greyish/brownish. Some of the buildings are very similar to buildings you would see in Brazil, too. It was the first time I saw wind turbines for power generation.

The conference was really good, in many ways. Thanks to those who organized it, and also to all those who attended it! I had never been to a GUADEC before, so I don’t really have an idea of how GCDS compared to previous GUADECs, though =). Before I speak more of what I enjoyed, some notes about what I disliked: the organization seemed to be a bit improvised at times, I would have preferred that the university be the only venue, and the networking infra-structure lacked – you could hardly get a connection that worked, and I kept getting disconnected. Comparing those points to the other conference I usually go to which is comparable in size and complexity (Debconf), GCDS leaved a lot to be desired.

Now for the good points: most talks were very in-depth, and of high quality, the fact that KDE people were around meant it was a great opportunity to share, and discuss. I was able to meet lots of people I have talked to only on IRC, not only from KDE, GNOME, and WebKit, but also many work colleagues =). We were many Collaborans going around at GCDS!

I also met long-time friends, and made new ones, which I think is always the most important part of such conferences. I wanted to do so many things that by the time the conference ended, I had this feeling that I did none of them completely. I specially wanted to have spent more time with the WebKit guys, for instance. The parties were always very good, even though I think talking is more important than dancing when you have a lot of geeks around who you are not going to see for a while. I do enjoy dancing, though, and can say the KDE crowd excels in this regard =). I have consistently failed to drink enough to forget about bits of the night, which is good, too!

To sum it up, I really loved coming to this GCDS, and really look forward to taking part on more editions! Now, I’m going to spend some days working at Cambridge, hosted by my colleagues Marco and Alban (thanks!), and then I’ll be showing up at debconf9 with some more Collaborans. Fun times ahead!

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