On Living in Cambridge

So, after GCDS, I was going to go to Debconf, and it seemed like a good idea to just stay in Europe, to avoid additional plane costs, and get to experience life in one of the Collabora offices for a while, too.

Working at the office has been great! I got to experience the meeting room, the front office, and am now staying at the back office, working close to Alban, Davyd, Sjoerd, and Will. It’s been a very good opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better, specially since I only knew a handful of Collaborans up to now. My colleague Sumana has an awesome post about how it feels like working from the front office. I am having a very good time here, learning how to use the espresso machine, making messes with salad sauses, and more!

It’s not the first time I come to the UK, but it is indeed the first time I come to England, so it was a new experience at various levels to me. I guess I’m also being affected by the fact that I am re-reading The Lord of The Rings, this time in English instead of in Portuguese – a nice gift I got from my dear significant other! Now, some funny facts about my personal experience with Cambridge.

  • I keep thinking ‘Hobbit holes!’ everytime I get near to the place where I’m staying, kindly hosted by Alban and Marco
  • There’s a contact lens cleaning thing in the bathroom called ‘SAUFLON’, but I keep reading ‘SAURON’ for some reason
  • Everything seems to be miniaturized; I saw small watermelons, small avocados, small whole chickens, and a variety of smallish stuff in the super market
  • The aisle we come through when going from the back of the office building into King’s Parade makes me think like I’m inside a Harry Potter movie

More to come!

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