GNOME Shell for Debian

Over the last few days I have worked for some hours on packaging the last dependency of GNOME Shell that was missing in Debian: gjs. That work has been sponsored by Collabora, along with the work required to package GNOME Shell itself. I was very impressed by the time it took for FTP Masters and Assistants to deal with the new packages – it only took a couple days for each; kudos!

What this all means is that you can now easily test GNOME Shell, and even make it your default environment on a Debian unstable system, by just installing the ‘gnome-shell’ package. As I expected, some people have been having trouble with the new package, but the general feedback has been fairly positive. If the README.Debian package doesn’t help you with your specific issue, do take the time to file a bug report!

By the way, thanks go to Joss, for his work on dh_girepository, and for him, and Sebastian Dröge for their work on creating the new GObject Introspection policy.

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