AIClass and vacations

One of my side projects for these last months was to enroll on the online Introduction to AI class, with Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, professors at Stanford. Through it I also learned about the Kahn Academy. I must say that getting to know these efforts made me feel similar to when I found Free Software: it’s hard to believe that such great things exist!

I learned some really cool stuff, and was also introduced to the amazing work of Sebastian Thrun with self-driving cars, it was an awesome experience! Last weekend I took the final exam, and today I got the certificate of accomplishment. It was delivered as a signed PDF which can be checked with a certificate they provided, pretty neat. I’m very happy, and motivated to enroll on more such courses in the future =). Now it’s time to cool down, though. My vacations start today, and on the weekend I’ll travel to the sunny Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, to enjoy some nice beaches and get some tan. See you next year!

Statement of Accomplishment - AIClass 2011
Statement of Accomplishment - AIClass 2011

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  1. “ Nao acredito em uma soh palavra do que se compele ah inteligencia artificial, vende se um mundo cria se um buraco“

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