WebKitGTK+ Debian packaging repository changes

For a while now the git repository used for packaging WebKitGTK+ has been broken. Broken as in nobody was able to clone it. In addition to that, the packaging workflow had been changing over time, from a track-upstream-git/patches applied one to a import-orig-only/patches-not-applied one.

After spending some more time trying to unbreak the repository for the third time I decided it might be a good time for a clean up. I created a new repository, imported all upstream versions for series 1.2.x (which is in squeeze), 1.6.x (unstable), and 1.7.x (experimental). I also imported packaging-related commis for those versions using git format-patch and black magic.

One of the good things about doing this move, and which should make hacking the WebKitGTK+ debian package more pleasant and accessible can be seen here:

kov@goiaba ~/s/debian-webkit> du -sh webkit/.git webkit.old/.git
27M webkit/.git
1.6G webkit.old/.git

If you care about the old repository, it’s on git.debian.org still, named old-webkit.git. Enjoy!

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  1. Typo, I think?

    You wrote:

    “If you care about the old repository, it’s on git.webkit.org”

    I think you meant:

    “If you care about the old repository, it’s on git.debian.org”

    Yay webkit!

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