Web Inspector for WebKit/GTK+

Some weeks ago I read an old blog post about the WebKit Web Inspector having been done for the Qt port. I didn’t know the web inspector at the time, but I loved what I saw. WebKit’s Web Inspector does look nice, and I thought it could finally replace Firebug as my main web development tool.

Since I have been contributing some patches to the GTK+ port of WebKit, I thought I would be able to understand and implement the Inspector. And so I did it. I’m still waiting for further comments, and its current form may not be final, but it works, and I’ve been using it for small debugging needs for a project I’m currently involved here at AlfaiaTI. Some screenshots:

The Inspector tracing some dumb javascript code I am writing

The Inspector showing load time for the various objects of GNOME's web page

Detailed information on a resource downloaded to render the GNOME web page